Ingredients of Luminescent Serum

Posted by Mikaela Murray  •  February 28, 2018

Luminescent Serum is said to work by delivering collagen molecules to the skin, restoring and rejuvenating it, improving hydration and reducing wrinkles. The company claims that using this product is very simple and allows covering the problem areas thoroughly. The proprietary formula is promised to work by improving your hydration and reducing the number of wrinkles. What's in this formula? Do the ingredients in this serum are really supported by any clinical data? Let's find out. Unfortunately, the Luminescent Serum's website doesn't provide an ingredient list anywhere. We decided to contact the customer service and were told that the serum includes only one ingredient; Retinol, also known as Vitamin A. This is an essential vitamin contained naturally in the human body and in different foods. It has a number of medical uses.

According to WebMD, Retinoids are able to reduce the number of wrinkles on the skin, decrease discolorations and the breakdown of collagen. Since this is the only active ingredient in the serum, it looks as though Luminescent Serum might indeed provide some sin benefits. But in the world of anti-aging products things are rarely simple. The biggest question is whether this serum is truly a breakthrough product or are there some better and cheaper options available on the market? To answer this question, let's check whether any other products use Vitamin A in their formulas. It turns out that this ingredient has been used for many years due to its skin-enhancing qualities. Actually, Retinoids came to the market in the 1970's as a powerful substance to fight acne. Since that time, this ingredient has been used in many different skin care products. Now that we know what ingredients are there in the product, we need to determine whether there are any side effects that come along with using that Luminescent Serum.

Where To Buy Luminescent Serum?

The serum is only available as part of a "Free Trial" payment option. At first, it seems that you will only have to pay a Shipping fee of $4.95, but then your credit card will be charged $94.95 whether you want this or not. In addition, you will be automatically enrolled in the Autoship Program of the company and continue receiving the product each month, while your credit card will be automatically charged $94.95 each time.