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Posted by Mikaela Murray  •  April 9, 2018

Probiotics have become very popular lately. You may be really confused with the wide variety of these products available in the market. They are available in just any form, including gummies, daily capsules and foods like cheeses, yogurts and even dog chews! With GoodBelly's collection of GoodDrinks and GoodShots, your digestive system can benefit considerably from these beverages containing active probiotic cultures. Compared to many other food-based alternatives, you will not need to consume any dairy products on a daily basis. According to the manufacturer, GoodBelly's products have a powerful probiotic strain known as Lactobacillus plantarum 299v, which is able to withstand stomach acid.

The official website of the company claims that after Lactobacillus plantarum 299v has made its way to your digestive tract, it starts lowering your pH, balancing your gut bacteria, and improving your digestive health in general and your immune system! This is the only beverage in the country that contains this probiotic strain. You have probably heard that probiotics could potentially provide a number of benefits. But what are these bacteria in reality? Can they really boost your health? Is there any better option in the market? We will help you find answers to these questions by discussing the ingredients in GoogBelly products further.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

It is obvious that the manufacturer decided to conceal possible side effects associated with the use of their products. Even though probiotic supplements are considered to be relatively safe, they may carry potential risks of adverse reactions, for example, stomach ache, bloating and diarrhea. However, the company claims that their supplements can be taken even by children, infants and pregnant women. Nevertheless, as soon as most patients start taking any probiotic supplement and their gut begins rebalancing, it is common for them to experience bloating, mild gas, and diarrhea. If these symptoms do not decrease within several days, you may want to consume only half of the serving. But if this doesn't help, you are recommended to stop taking the product.

GoodBelly products appear to have a mixed customer reputation. There is a fair amount of online customer feedback for their fruit drink. Most people agreed that the taste was pleasant, but only a handful of the users provided long-term feedback. In some people, the product caused some side effects (cramping, bloating, diarrhea). A number of customers confessed that the supplement did not work for them at all. Amazon contains more than 100 reviews from people who shared their experience with GoodBelly's products, which earned an average rating of three stars. Common complaints referenced experiencing unpleasant digestive issues and side effects. Some satisfied customers mentioned improved regularity and nice taste of the drinks. Let us take a closer look at the real customer reviews left online.

"The manufacturer of GoodBelly states that their Probiotics does contain any sugar, but in reality, a single serving of some of their drinks (Tropical Orange or Cranberry Watermelon) contains 26g of sugar, which is more than 4X the daily recommended intake. I drink their "Blueberry Acai" (32 oz) and it has only 30% juice and 24 grams of sugar! There is no coconut water, but they don't tell you that there's Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar and water in it!"

"I bought the Plus Shot strawberry from GoodBelly and I am completely unsatisfied with this product. I think it has the worst taste among all the beverages I have ever had. I regret I have bought two four-packets. It has a really vile taste. Of my five friends only one could stand its taste. It was that horrible."

"I bought GoodBelly because of the study they described on their site. They probably paid for it, since it has nothing to do with reality. There are no reasons to believe that there is really anything special about the strain contained in their probiotic. It should cost ten times less the price. Besides, the product has the ugliest and cheapest packaging I have ever seen. It is only like a quarter full."