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Erect On Demand

Posted by Mikaela Murray  •  May 27, 2018

The Erect On Demand system is an unusual ancient remedy that promises to give you fully thick, and long-lasting erections, no matter how long you have suffered from erectile dysfunction and what reasons are behind it. The product is claimed to use a simple and natural recipe that consists of plant extracts and ancient herbs. It is also known as a Peruvian "boner brew" that has been used for more than 1,000 years to restore penile sensitivity and repair nerves. It works like traditional medications and costs only about $0.30 per serving. Does Erect On Demand really work as well as advertised.

Today, thousands of men have a problem that their "sergeant can't salute." It can be stressful for your relationship and humiliating for your self-esteem. There is little manufacturer information online. It is mentioned on the official website that the creator of the product was Josh Harding, a 58-year old professor in Michigan. He was suffering from severe erectile dysfunction, so he decided to go to Peruvian jungle in search of the ancient formula consisting of plant extracts and herbs to help decrease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. According to his words, this program can help men achieve a long lasting harder erection with no need to take in oral products.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The working process of Erect On Demand is rather simple. It is recommended to take a pill 15 minutes before intercourse. It is said to generate more blood flow to the penis making it fuller and harder. It also prevents blood from leaving the penis. There are some precautions for you to take into account. You should not expect immediate results from these pills because the effects may vary from one person to another. There are many instances when the product didn't work for some men at all. It is advised to consult a doctor before using Erect On Demand, as some of its ingredients may become the reason for side effects and adverse reactions.

There are many customer reviews about the experience real users used to have when taking this product. It was difficult to find any popular merchant websites (e.g. Amazon) selling the product. The product's official website provides testimonials from satisfied customers only. Those customers said that the pills gave them the results they needed. However, we managed to find users' testimonials on other websites too. Most customers complain that Erect On Demand didn't deliver on big promises made in their advertisement videos. These people also don't like the fact that the official website contains only basic information about the product that could be found elsewhere online. With this in mind, let us take a look at the real customers' reviews.

"After watching for nearly half of an hour, I purchased the download and printed 200 pages of typos and misprints. I called the customer service to find out the cost of Erect On Demand. I learned that there was no free sample, and one-month supply cost $99. I received the book but I did not find much useful information on my condition there. I am happy that I didn't hurry to order the product itself. I think it is a scam and I would not recommend it to anyone."

"The ad I watched about Erect On Demand steered me towards these pills. I have never bought anything without touching it first, so I was very hesitant about ordering the product. Instead of a pill, I received a book that was worth $69.95. Can anyone tell me how to send this book back and return my money? I will be happy to do so."

"I wonder why the official website of Erect On Demand doesn't give its ingredients. After all they are expected to help people and tell them that this product is good for their health. I think it's just a way to make money off people who have health issues. It is a scam and positive reviews are left by people who are lying in their comments."